Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Join us in Chicago to explore the nature of how we think!
The Cognitive Neuroscience Society invites members of the press to attend its annual meeting, March 31- April 3, 2012, in Chicago at the Palmer House Hotel. See the latest scientific research in perception, action, memory, language – including the connections between sleep and memory, the neurological processes that govern our eating habits, and how we interpret and understand events in our lives.
Highlights will include:
  • Eve Marder of Brandeis University will deliver the George A. Miller Award address for her work investigating crustaceans' neural systems in order to better understand the circuitry that controls people's ability to walk, breathe, and swim – and what types of changes allow the nervous system to recover function after injury.
  • Morris Moscovitch of the University of Toronto will deliver the Distinguished Career Contribution Award address for his research on episodic memory and its influence on knowledge-acquisition, perception, language, imagination, problem solving, and decision making.
Press registration is open. Registered members of the press will have complimentary access to all scientific talks, posters, and receptions.

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